and The Ocean's Story

What is The Ocean's Story?

¿Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the Ocean? 

The Ocean's Story is a community of ocean lovers committed to one primary goal:

to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic.


As a diver since 14 years old, I've been in numerous situations where I didn't have the necessary tools to clean the dive site. For example, not having a knife to cut fishing line or finding a CocaCola can which is too sharp or too big to keep in my BCD, and I always wished there was something out there that helped me with this issue... But I never found it, so I decided to build it myself, and now I want to share it with the world! (Coming soon)

We are developing a network of divers and diving centers who are committed to always diving with our reef cleaning bags (coming soon), which will enable you to take all marine debris you can find and put it where it belongs!


By purchasing our products, not only do you stop being one of the Ocean's biggest problems, but you become part of the solution by reducing your plastic footprint. Through the benefits from your own purchases, we commit ourselves to helping clean the Ocean, by funding reef / beach clean ups, giving live lectures at schools, developing these nets, and more. (Coming soon)


Ricard Vergés Tarragona

Co-founder of The Ocean's Story, I did my thesis in La Paz, Mexico, analyzing all marine litter encountered on a beach surrounded by the Sea of Cortez. Following that, I wanted to dedicate my life to the Ocean. I have done this not only by instructing people how to dive and respect the marine environment, but by teaching my students why it is so important to keep the Ocean healthy and always leave it cleaner that how we found it.

Plastic paradise

Having spent 6 months on a very small island in Maldives I realized the gravity of the plastic/litter issue. I decided I wanted to take the matter into my own hands. Due to the island being man-made, our house reef was highly damaged and polluted. What surprised me was on every single dive on any reef I could spot fishing lines (and gear), plastic bottles, plastic bags...