"Each one of us can make a difference. 

Together we can make a change."

Barbara Mikulski

On this site we will upload all our contributions to our beautiful Oceans.

                        Mainly reef / beach cleans and live lectures.

     Please use less plastic, educate yourselves and your loved ones!

                        Share it with your friends to spread the word!


Our first reef clean!! My brother and Charlie did not hesitate when I asked them to dive in a shithole instead of anywhere else in order to clean it. We found a scorpionfish entangled to a humid towel and were able to set it free, but it was completely blind. 

15 kg of trash collected!


More reef cleans! This time with my brother, my cousin and 2 friend loyal to the NGO, you can meet them in "Our Team". After diving for more than an hour and removing over 3.000 cigarette butts... Check the video to see what happens with all those butts you dump in the sewers!


Our first live lecture!! Unfortunately, due to covid, we can't gather lots of people in the same room, but we strongly belief that even if we just have a small impact on a single person, it's worthy. We talked about marine ecology (specially on our environment) and marine conservation. After that we went to the water to see what we learned and clean all the debris we found!


We're becoming underwater professional cleaners! Some of us remove plastics while others focus on cigarette butts, so we don't have to separate it later. @PolVibes on insta blessed us with this astonishing pictures, thanks for your help and shots! And thanks to Gerard and my brother for their collaboration!